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Mumbai-based Ripsey is a subscription led health food tech startup, started in 2018 to tap into this growing segment, and cater to a fitness-conscious consumer class. The platform uses AI, ML algorithms, and data insights to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. It plans meals for consumers in consultation with fitness experts, and nutritionists and gets its in-house chefs to prepare them at its central kitchen. Finally, they then deliver the meal box to the consumer’s doorstep.


Ripsey’s Founder & CEO, Silky Singh had a compelling story about her startup when she approached us. She had a rough draft with sketches all in place and all she needed was an expert to put them in the right flow, visuals and design elements to convince investors for raising funds. The process of making sure Silky’s thoughts were well put down was imperative for both her and us. PitchBooks was able to analyse and capture these into amazing designs. We delivered a highly engaging pitch deck to get potential investors excited about the company’s ideas and vision. The insights that we provided for making the deck crisp and simple with elegant graphics truly made Ripsey’s story stand out.


Ripsey successfully raised Rs. 1 crore in an undisclosed angel round through our pitch deck and is looking to close another round of Rs. 2 crore shortly. Thus enabling the firm to ramp up its technology and expand its operations.