About Us

Pitchbooks was started in 2014 with the aim to fill the void in the availability of professionals online to create marketing materials for investment banks, venture capitals, wealth management companies, startups and many others.

Pitch books and investor presentations are indigenous to firms marketing itself to its clients. They represent valuable and detailed marketing material and provide the companies with a chance to show and prove why they should be considered amongst the wide variety of financing and other sources of capital and considerations in the financial marketplace.

We understand that time is an important factor for deals like mergers and acquisitions and raising capital. Hence, the services of conducting extensive research and creating professional presentation materials can be outsourced to us from any part of the world. We provide visually appealing professional pitch books and presentations that are customized for our clients. We aim to be a one-stop shop for companies by providing many other services ranging from business plans and financial analysis to something as varied as graphic designing and web development.

While we believe in delivering quality output consistently, it is our aim to provide affordable solutions to companies through “Investing Ideas & Designing Deals!”

The Mind Behind PitchBooks

Urvisha Koradia, Founder & CEO

A passionate entrepreneur, who envisioned a huge scope in the demand for creation of materials for investment banks, start ups and corporates founded PitchBooks in 2014. Self-driven and ambitious in her approach, she has the skills to motivate her team to deliver quality services. Well connected with professionals from different walks of life, she enjoys learning and adapting to new things.

Her previous experience includes working as an Analyst at JPMorgan Chase Investment Bank, Mumbai for 3 years in the Natural Resources Group for the Asia Pacific, North America and EMEA region, she has acquired hands on knowledge and experience in the field of Financial Research. She was actively involved in identifying deal opportunities for M&As through extensive research of the industry and prepared many pitch books for clients interested in acquisitions.

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