Online Travel


Taiwan’s plug-and-play OTA solutions startup TravelSkope offers Asia focused IT solutions for travel with global quality at an affordable cost. Through its solutions, partners are able convert the existing traffic or customer database to incremental revenue by selling travel related products, flights, hotels, and car rental via the online platform.


Travelskope approached Pitch Books to help them create an attractive presentation for their business services and highlight what makes OTA an attractive business. The startup had a dull and boring presentation which needed to be jazzed up professionally and given a WOW effect. Pitch Books delivered a visually appealing layout with graphics to provide an exciting look to its readers. Having the ability to put their words and case studies in design format is what Pitch Books loved to create.


Travelskope has raised US$297,000 in Series Seed-plus funding from investors across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. It received seed funding in 2016 from Pinehurst Advisors, KK Fund and COENT Venture Partners.