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Mumbai-based Thermaissance is a line of functional and smart clothing exclusively created for patients and hospital staff that provides them with much needed protection, privacy and comfort. The clothing is made of smart fabric, is anti-bacterial treated, and provides with easy accessibility / wearability & addresses the three key pain points: feeling cold during treatments and in hospital environment, hospital acquired infections and lack of privacy during the treatments.


Thermaissance Founder & CEO, Manish Rawal who has previously worked with Siemens North America on futuristic imaging and other devices had an innovative idea about his product. He approached Pitch Books to help him create a compelling presentation portraying the benefits of the medical clothing. There has not been a single company so far which has come up with such a unique design to help make patients’ experience such a pleasing one. Pitch Books made sure to cover not only the important product features, but how there is a massive opportunity in different fields of medicine where the product can be used. A well written pitch deck by us which addressed pain points, challenges, solutions and use cases, enables the company even today to showcase their most user friendly product in the best manner at various pitch meetings.


Thermaissance has acquired large Corporate Social Responsibility Funds from various reputed companies to deliver their products. They have also been able to garner great interest from the Defense Industry of India for providing medical clothing to the army. Thermaissance has been awarded “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the World” by IFAH and has been one of the winners of Economic Times Power of India in 2016 (out of 18000+ ideas). The innovation has been recognized by Government of India under its Startup India Program (DIPP #18652).