Pitch Books

A Pitch Book is basically a sales book that is created by investment banks to present the main details and attributes of the firm. It is usually prepared as part of a sell side agreement to pitch a company to prospective buyers. A Pitch Book acts as a beneficial guide when being presented to the potential clients.

Here are some ways to make your Pitch Book exemplary:

1. A Clear Message

A lot of people, who are into designing a Pitch Book dive deeply into getting all their financial data straight, but fail to realize the actual purpose of it. Besides focusing on the financials it also important to think about the message the Pitch Book needs to deliver.

2. Don’t Make It Too Lengthy

It is not the junior staff that presents the pitch in front of the clients. It is mostly always the senior bank officials and directors who do so. They need to focus and talk more about the KRA’s and selling pointers of the deal and therefore cannot go through a very long document.

3. Putting Forward Your Case

Pitch books include details of what it is they are about to present, highlight the credentials, explain how far-reached and global their investment bank is. But in spite of all these details it is also of utmost significance to underline what actually you are trying to achieve.

4. Presenting Company Analysis

In this you can create graphs and visuals to clearly explain about the company you are pitching. It is important to state the facts as they are about the company without glorifying details. A carefully written pitch book will have the right tone.

5. Stating The Financials

Once you have successfully presented an overview of the company, it will be extremely important to deal with the financials. Mentioning the different methodologies used like DCF analysis, SOTP etc would be crucial to showcase the business valuation. History of stock performance, broker recommendations and key metrics and ratios are important aspects to be included.

Creating an amazing Pitch Book requires loads of research, data collection and ample of time and energy put into it. If you aim at closing the deal, it is significant that you create a well structured pitch book.

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