India based Phi Commerce Pvt Ltd’s, PayPhi is a new age financial technology company focused on innovating digital payments. PayPhi Digital Enablement Suite enables businesses to embrace the digital payments ecosystem with smart interventions to automate, integrate and streamline payment transactions across an omni-channel platform.


Jose approached Pitch Books to help them convey PayPhi’s story and the potential of the business through an investor presentation. Being a technology based firm, the challenge was to put across the information in the most convincing manner and in the simplest form for investors. Pitch Books understood the concept and took Jose’s views to brainstorm and come out with a beautiful flow of the pitch deck. Pitch Books made sure to highlight the strengths of Pay Phi and focused on their value proposition for users. The ability of the company to scale exponentially was the key area we brought out. The correct visuals were embedded to make the deck attractive in easily conveying the unique features of Pay Phi.


The pitch deck created by Pitch Books enabled them to pitch to investors in a strong and convincing manner. Phi Commerce raised US$4 Million in January 2021 in Series A funding led by BEENEXT, a Singapore based venture capital.