Investor Pitch Deck

A Pitch Deck is a summarized presentation that is created using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi and is used to provide your potential audience with a quick overview of your business plans. You can create amazing Pitch Decks to be presented during online or face to face meetings with your clients, investors, partners or customers.

Startups generally are not self-funded and therefore depend on investors for financing. It is therefore important for them to create great startup pitch decks that can easily serve their purpose.

What Must Be Included In Your Pitch Deck?

  • Introduction of your ideas, business solutions, and product range.
  • The problems and key focus areas you are trying to work on using your business model.
  • Show the investors how good and unique your idea is so that they are enticed to invest in your project.
  • Your team members introduction with their expertise and experience which will be beneficial for the company to achieve its goals
  • Present an overview of your planned budget and the methods you would resort to increase your ROI and profits.
  • Your future plans and the goals you are aiming to achieve in the following years.

Some Examples Of Startup Pitch Decks That Got Funded:

These examples are the yardsticks for all the budding startups. A glance at their investor pitch decks and their growth record can lead the way for upcoming startups.

  • PendoTheirs is one of the ideal investor pitch deck examples that helped them raise a whopping twenty million. Ever heard something like that? Pendo accomplished just that. A look at their pitch deck will give you an idea of how a startup pitch deck must be created. They begin their presentation by painting an inescapable future and continue by explaining how far they have reached into achieving it.
  • Beta Popcorn by Itay Adams: If you never heard about this guy, then you might be surprised to know that he created a five-slide investor presentationabout nothing’ that impressed the investors to such an extent that they invested $2000, 000 in his startup. Now that is what you can categorize as a crisp yet impressive pitch deck.
  • CubeIt: This startup company from India created a simple and clear story for their pitch deck that helped them to acquire a handsome amount of $3,000,000.
  • Contently: Now, this is a New York based startup that started in the year 2014 and needs no lengthy introduction. The manner in which they designed and used their pitch deck to impress their investors is nothing short of a benchmark for all startups. They were able to pitch in an investment of $9,000,000 from their investors.
  • Crew: Crew is a technology startup company started in 2015 and is based in Montreal, Quebec. Their presentation is an apt example of what the best pitch deck must showcase. They created their pitch deck as a simple, crisp yet powerful one that explained the story of the company and its founder in a convincing manner. They could pitch in a handsome amount of $10,000,000 for their startup.

A catchy and informative pitch deck is a must to attract the attention of your potential investors long enough, make them not only understand your product range and ideas but also convince them of the fact that their investment would be put to good use.

Looking For A Professional Investor Pitch Deck ?